Arise Paragliding

About the School

Arise Paragliding Adventures provides Tandem instructional paragliding flights in Southern Oregon and Abroad!  We primarily fly from Woodrat Mountain, above the beautiful Applegate valley,  just West of Jacksonville, OR.  Experienced pilots will guide you in launching a two person paraglider 2000 feet above the valley floor.  Both you and your pilot have your own harness and are attached to one glider.  Flights range from 12 – 40 minuets while we search for updrafts to carry us higher in the sky.  There is no motor involved, as we silently surf through the sky.  If conditions allow, you will be able to take the controls and experience basic flight control!  Passengers need to be able to run briefly on launch and landing, and weigh between 60 – 260 lbs. No experience required other than that.  Tandem flight is an excellent gift, birthday, or group idea.  And its also a great way to see if paragliding is a sport for you to learn yourself.