Fly Above All Paragliding

About the School

With a combined 40+ years of teaching experience and the 2012 US Instructor of the Year, Fly Above All Paragliding is the oldest and most experienced school in the nation. We bring the newest techniques, the best equipment, and the safest practices to our students. There are many paragliding schools around, but none that continually update their program to include the latest information the way we do. Our syllabus is sought after by schools around the world and is recognized as the best program available. Having a Fly Above All instructor’s name on your rating card means you are the best of the best and received top quality instruction.

At Fly Above All Paragliding we prefer to specialize in small, relaxing class sizes that allow us to teach the information you need to be a safe pilot over the long term. Calm thoroughness is the right choice when you want to fly safely. With the highest long-term student retention rate in the country, our students prove the value of our program every day.