Jerome Daoust Paragliding

About the School

  • Focus on making pilots. If you want a joy ride as a passenger, best to look elsewhere (easy money). If you are motivated to fly by yourself and willing to put in the effort, you are at the right place. Your first training day will be your most physical and least fun, but those skills (launch technique and wing control) will provide safety as you start adding flights.
  • Highest quality instruction. I wrote Tips for Paraglider Pilots and will be your instructor (Paragliding since 1989, P5 Master rating), no dispatching to less experienced instructors. I train and certify other instructors. You will progress at your own speed and get customized instruction focused on your needs.
  • Someone organized and dependable. I like to get things done, and will meet you at the time/place agreed. You will not get cancelled/rescheduled because I have a more profitable tandem flight to give to someone else. I value your time and will use it efficiently towards progressing, as I would like if I were you. Amusing fact: On 2016/5/26, this school was the 1st in the Unites Statesto complete its PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) certification among paragliding and hang gliding schools.
  • Access to great rental equipment. The equipment you will use is in great condition as I would want for myself, for your safety and to benefit from the latest technology (some equipment is easier to learn with).
  • Focus on instruction not sales. I will not be pushing any specific equipment brands. Instead, I can help you get (new or used) what is best for you at a friendly price. Other schools may provide discounted instruction to get you started with them, but require purchasing gear from them.