Paraglide Tandem

About the School

WHY FLY WITH US?We want to share the joy of paragliding

With the assistance of your paragliding instructor you will launch from the hill and soar with the birds. No experience required. Anyone 18 and over under 225 lbs can fly. Flights takeoff from the top of Lookout Mountain above Golden Colorado. Come to Golden for the day and go paragliding in the morning, tubing or climbing in the afternoon and enjoy one of the many breweries in town afterwards for an amazing day only 20 minutes from Denver. Come see how the West lives!

OUR MISSION.The adventure of a lifetime.

Tandem Paragliding is the best way experience the thrill of free flight in Colorado for the first time. Whether you are an aspiring pilot interested in learning to speedfly, paraglide or just want to fly like a bird, a tandem paragliding flight is the way to get in the air. This is free flight, not parasailing like you would see at the beach when on vacation. Paragliders can fly to 10,000 feet or higher while covering huge distances if the conditions are favorable.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECTKnowledgable, passionate instructors eager to fly with you

All Paraglide Tandem instructors share one thing in common, a love for the sport and teaching. The opportunity to share in the joy a student feels when their feet leave the ground keeps us coming back for more. Spending the morning paragliding with us in Golden, Colorado.