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About the School

Training pilots since 2008

Our goal

We want you to learn how to safely fly a paraglider.  This takes extensive training and lots of practice, especially on the ground kiting the glider.  But it is worth the effort!  It is the rawest form of aviation and the closest thing there is to being a bird.  If you have dreams of yourself flying through the air, they will end when you begin flying a paraglider.


  • Paragliding – Professional Air Sports Association (PASA) school #23.  Instructors are U.S. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (USHPA) certified.
  • Powered paragliding – U.S. Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) school #1672
  • Southwest Airsports, LLC operates in accordance with all PASA Safety Guidelines and all PASA School Standards.