Insurance Requirements

To be a PASA certified HG or PG school, each school must present proof of and maintain an acceptable and approved insurance policy to PASA.   There have been numerous policies presented to PASA over it’s existence and only one has currently met all the requirements needed to be accepted by PASA for certification.   That policy is available from the RRRG.   Please ask us for more information about that policy.    We have had other policies presented and have had them professionally examined by a third party and they have all failed to meet our requirements.   For this reason, if a school presents a policy to PASA that it has to have evaluated, PASA reserves the right to pass the cost of that 3rd party evaluation to the school.

PASA is happy to supply any school with the requirements needed for an acceptable policy.   We recommend HIGHLY that you do NOT purchase a policy without PASA pre approving the policy.