PASA Certified Schools

What is a PASA Certified School?

PASA Certified Schools are kiteboarding schools that have met the requirements set by PASA and are acknowledged as being the most professional schools available today!

PASA Certified Schools are not the same as PASA Certified Instructors. Schools are businesses that are required to have only PASA certified instructors and have regular business hours and maintain a kiteboarding establishment.

We suggest that you only take lessons from a PASA Certified School. Taking your lesson from a PASA certified school ensures that you will learn kiteboarding in the best possible manner, with a well organized lesson plan, good communication, and a safe environment that accelerates your learning.

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Reasons why you need to take lessons from a PASA Certified School

  • PASA certified schools only utilize PASA certified instructors so you can be sure that you are getting a well trained instructor who has completed the training requirements set by PASA.
  • PASA certified schools have an agreement to utilize safety equipment during their kiteboarding lessons such as the use of watercraft, helmets, and pfd’s.
  • PASA certified schools have agreements to operate within specific safety guidelines. This ensures that you have a positive and safe experience. These guidelines include a safe operating area, teaching within particular wind conditions, and maintaining a safe buffer zone from the shore.
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