Professional Membership

These are kiteboarders looking to become instructors and obtain their certification through the PASA Instructor Certification Program (ICP). PASA certification, current membership, First Aid and CPR certification are requirements for insurance eligibility. You will not become a PASA certified instructor until you have passed the ICP course AND turned in all of the required paperwork. Your Instructor Certification renews a year from the date of your professional membership, NOT a year from the date that you turn in your paperwork to complete certification.
Instructor Levels of Certification

Annual dues for this membership are $150.00

Benefits of Joining:

  • Eligible for the most complete and affordable A rated professional liability insurance policy
  • Ability to Certify Kiteboarders
  • Instructor Profile page on the PASA website
  • Student logging features on the website
  • Instructor certification card
  • Access to the instructor forum pages on the website
  • 20 free student handbooks
  • Qualify for a $20.00 discount on the premium membership with
  • Network with instructors and kiteboarders in PASA forums