Examples Of Required Application Items


We realize that there are a lot of requirements to become PASA certified.  While these requirements are industry standards, we want your first attempt at certification to be successful and so we decided to further explain each requirement in detail.

To assist the PASA applicant in providing the appropriate materials needed to facilitate approval for certification, we have also created some examples of what we are looking for in relation to these items.   To access these examples  – based on fictitious schools – click on the links inside the explanation of that item.

  1. A Written Syllabus that conforms to all PASA guidelines.  Each school should have a syllabus.  A syllabus is simply an outline of the subjects in a course of study or teaching.  Make sure that your syllabus complies with all of the PASA Standards as well as Safety Guidelines.
  2. A Risk Management Plan. It should includes a plan for each site utilized and the use of emergency equipment. Include in each site plan the maximum allowed winds and maximum gust factor for that site.  An example of a Risk Management Plan for a fictitious site can be downloaded here:  Risk Management Plan Example
    1. A written Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Also you should submit and maintain a list of all staff trained in the EAP.  An example of an EAP can be downloaded here: Emergency Action Plan Example .  You will be asked for your list of staff trained on the plan during your application process on the website.
  3. The schools website URL as well as it’s email address and phone number.   While being fairly self explanatory, we need to point out that we need for each school to have a dedicated webpage where customers can find you.
  4. We will be needing a list of all instructors that your school uses as well as a copy of those instructor’s certifications and sign-offs.  We simply need to make sure that your school is using qualified instructors.
  5. We will need a copy of current first aid and current CPR certification for all utilized instructors.  It is important to note that we have underlined and put in bold – the need for instructors to be current on their first aid and CPR certification.   Schools need to make sure that this happens.  Letting your first aid and CPR certifications lapse while you’re teaching puts your PASA certification in jeopardy.  Remember, one of the reasons for PASA certification is to reduce the possibility of an insurance claim that will negatively affect the free flight industry.   That is why being current will be enforced.
  6. We need an acceptable copy of the school owner’s personal identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.)  We say acceptable so that you don’t give us your library or gym membership card.  If you can use it to get on an airplane, you can use it for PASA.   If you have a specific problem in this area, send us and email and let us check out the options.  Otherwise, we need to get a TSA-worthy identification.
  7. 3 letters of professional reference.  We need to have you supply us with letters.  These letters should be from folks who can attest that your ability to teach your discipline of flight and/or run your business is good.  You should have no great problem coming up with these letters.   Suppliers, ICP administrators, past students etc.  There are lots of places you can get these letters.   Make sure the letters have as many contact methods on them as possible so that we can contact the person who wrote the letter if the need arrises.   Some examples of acceptable letters of recommendation can be found here HERE and HERE.
  8. We will need a three year history of injuries and insurance claims. If the school is less than 3 years old, submit the history as far back as you can provide.   An accident is defined as an incident on the premises of the school or other location where instruction is taking place (flying related or not) that results in bodily injury (of any kind) or property damage (where the property damage is expected to exceed $5,000) to a student, spectator or third party, whether or not medical attention is sought.
  9. We need to get your school’s Tax ID from you.   This is important.  Some flight schools will have a Federal Tax ID and some will use another number – often your Social Security number (depending on the structure of the company you started for form a school).  Please make no mistake about this.  You MUST be a legal business to get PASA certification.  That means you have to have created a legal entity.  It is your choice what legal entity that is.  It could be a corporation, a partnership, an LLC and more.  But please make sure you’re a legal entity before you apply.
  10. We need an Operations Plan from you.  This just lets us know how you operate your business.  You can see and example of this HERE.
  11. We need you to list the flying equipment you use in flight training.  There will be a place on the application process that will ask for the items on this list.