Large Business Flight Schools

If you own a Large Business Flight School (LBFS) and wish to become PASA certified, here is how you go about it.

  • Review all the Standards and Guidelines information on our website.
  • Review PASA Application Requirements
  • Go online on the PASA website and complete the application process. (note: this is not available as of right now.  We are making it so that you will be able to apply online in a very efficient manner.  This feature will be available by April 1st – which is the date that we will start accepting applications.  You may want to start gathering all the required documents and information – for when the application process is available online.)
  • Submit a $300 nonrefundable application fee.
  • Be approved for certification.
  • Receive insurance approval from the RRRG
  • Pay $500 annual membership dues to PASA
  • Receive Certification from PASA.


Your ongoing costs associated with being a PASA Certified LBFS member is $500 annually.     There is a one time $300 nonrefundable certification fee when you apply for certification.