PASA Application Requirements

The Following Items Must be Submitted to PASA for Initial Approval

1.) A written syllabus that conforms to all PASA and USHPA guidelines.

2.) A Risk Management Plan that includes a plan for each site utilized and the use of emergency equipment. Include in each site plan the maximum allowed winds and maximum gust factor for that site. If these numbers are high for the industry, please explain why (such as being a coastal site etc.).

3.) A Written Emergency Action Plan. Submit and maintain a list of all staff trained in this Plan.

4.) The URL of the school’s website, it’s email address and phone number.

5.) A list of all instructors utilized by the PASA school as well as a copy of the instructor’s certification and signoffs.

6.) A copy of current first aid and CPR certification for all utilized instructors.** see note at the bottom of page.

7.) An acceptable copy of the school owner’s personal identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.)

8.) Three professional reference LETTERS for the school owner. (These letters should be signed with contact info on them.)

The letters must be from a peer.

That peer must be:

– industry professional ( tandem pilot or instructor )

– that person must be certified and/ or current

– with intimate knowledge of your activity

– not under your employ

– USHPA regional director ok as well

9.) A three year history of injuries and insurance claims. If the school is less than 3 years old, submit the history back to the genesis of the school.

10.) The school’s Tax ID.

11.) An operations plan for your business.  This shows PASA how your business flows.

12.) A list of flying equipment utilized in flight training.

You can see an in-depth explanation and a sample of these required items by clicking HERE.

Download PDF Form

**It has come to the attention of PASA that there are websites where a person can go to receive First Aid and CPR certification online without any practical ‘in person’ instruction and testing.   After doing research on this matter, PASA has decided to join the multitude of organizations who require First Aid and CPR currency for compliance and NOT recognize these ‘online only’ certifications as qualifying for PASA’s requirements for certification.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but since our genuine goal is to have the schools we certify to be able to provide proper First Aid and CPR should the need arise, we know that this decision is the proper one.
The certifications that we do NOT accept include (but are not limited to):