PASA School Standards

1.) All PASA schools must operate in accordance with all USHPA’s standard operating procedures and all PASA guidelines and standards.

2.) All PASA schools must operate in accordance with all applicable FAA regulations.

3.) All PASA schools must operate in accordance with all applicable local, city, state, federal regulations including coast guard, etc.

4.) All PASA schools must operate in accordance to a syllabus that is approved by PASA and conforms to all PASA school standards.

5.) All PASA schools must operate in accordance to a risk management plan that has been approved by PASA, including a risk management plan for each site used. The risk management plan should include reference to emergency communication equipment and its use.

6.) All PASA schools must operate in accordance with a written emergency procedures plan.

7.) All PASA school instructors must be certified by the USHPA and must have the sign off needed for the specific training techniques that each of the instructors is involved in; scooter towing, foot launch tandem, towing tandem, etc.

8.) All PASA school instructors must be current in CPR and first aid.

9.) All PASA schools must maintain and use a preflight inspection log for all equipment used in training.

10.) All PASA schools must maintain a student log and be prepared to submit this log to PASA upon request.

11.) All students of PASA schools must sign a pre-injury waiver that names PASA as a released party, and had been drafted by legal counsel knowledgeable of the law of governing waivers in the state(s) where the school operates.

12.) All PASA schools must maintain a reasonably safe teaching record as determined by the PASA Board of Directors.

13.) All PASA schools must submit accident reports to their insurance company within the time required by the insurance company providing coverage to the school, which is 24 hours after the incident or less. PASA schools who are additional-insureds on the PASA Master Flight School policy must report serious incidents immediately, using the insurance 24 hour reporting hotline so that the school can receive timely assistance in managing in the incident. An accident is defined as an incident on the premises of the school or other location where instruction is taking place (flying related or not) that results in bodily injury (of any kind) or property damage (where the property damage is expected to exceed $5,000) to a student, spectator or third party, whether or not medical attention is sought. The purpose of this requirement is not to keep a numerical tally of accidents, but rather to be aware of all potential claims and provide assistance to the school in handling incidents that have a potential for becoming claims. PASA school must immediately call for medical assistance if the bodily injury requires more than just first aid; preserve any equipment involved in the incident; collect copies of all video and photographs of the incident; identify and collect the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of all people that observed the incident, ask each of them to write down what they observed.

Each PASA school authorizes its insurer to provide information on reported accidents to PASA.

14.) All assistant instructors must be certified as PASA Apprentice Instructors and be employed by a PASA certified school.

15.) No instructor of any kind, no student of any kind can be allowed to participate in practical instruction while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, performance/judgement diminishing prescription drugs or any illegal substance at any time.

16.) All PASA certified schools are prohibited from using flight equipment that is not commensurate with generally accepted industry standards and maintained in airworthy condition.

17.) It is required that each school publish and maintain a working web page dedicated to that school.

18.) Each school must maintain a working email address and a phone number for contact purposes.

19.) PASA certification is subject to revocation and a new application must be filed, together with the payment of the application fee to reacquire certification, should a school allow its PASA membership to lapse for failure to make timely payment of dues or for violation of PASA school standards.

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